Manga Studio 5 Painting & Wet Media Brushes

Note: These brushes work for Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio 5).

Update 1/7/16

New painterly brushes with impasto canvas, wash, sponge, leather, and other textures. These brushes mash together to create the most realistic tools for concept art and coloring I've offered yet.

The Grimy Gus brush family offers realistic textures and mixing with an emphasis on creating paintings that feel like chunky, old acrylic paintings the likes of which adorned '80s action figure box art.

Bristle Bob takes that formula and emulates wispy bristles for an even more varied and textured surface.

Sloppy Sam, Sponge Bub, and Filthy Frank push the impasto textures even further and provide extreme texture variance for some of the most analog looking strokes I've ever been able to create digitally.

New brushes include:

  • Grimy Gus
  • Grimy Gus (Outliner)
  • Grimy Gus Bristle (Chunky)
  • Grimy Gus (Dry)
  • Grimy Gus (Chunky & Dry)
  • Bristle Bob
  • Bristle Bob (Outliner)
  • Bristle Bob (Sparse)
  • Bristle Bob (Dry)
  • Bristle Bob (Sparse & Dry)
  • Bristle Bob (Wet)
  • Sloppy Sam
  • Sloppy Sam (Impasto)
  • Sloppy Sam (Sparse & Dry)
  • Sloppy Sam (Dry)
  • Filthy Frank
  • Filthy Frank (Wet Impasto)
  • Filthy Frank (Impasto)
  • Filthy Frank (Dry)
  • Filthy Frank (Wet)
  • Sponge Bub
  • Sponge Bub (Dry)
  • Sponge Bub (Extra Dry)
  • Wash (Simple)
  • Watercolor
  • Watercolor (Simple)
  • Watercolor (More Opaque)
  • Watercolor (Gouache-like)
  • Watercolor (Random)
  • Watercolor (Wet Wash)
  • Oil
  • Oil Round
  • Oil Flat
  • Oil Filbert
  • Oil (Dry)
  • Oil (Wet)
  • Oil (Blender)
  • Acrylic
  • Acrylic (Dry)
  • Acrylic (Wet)
  • Acrylic (Blender)

Update 8/25/14

Oils, acrylics, wash brushes, digital concept art brushes, and more, all for Manga Studio 5 and Clip Paint.

Concept Painting brushes designed for digital character and environmental art workflows.

High Res Wash brushes with detailed, high resolution repeating patterns for more convincing digital watercolor work.

And a heap more! I’ve consolidated existing sets and added new brushes to simplify things moving forward. All my paint and wash brushes are now in one place. 

Designed for digital painting and washes, this new set greatly expands on the in-built Manga Studio offerings. The brushes have been in testing with art professionals and their feedback has been unanimously positive.